Frequently asked questions

We play a modified version of traditional Wiffle® ball. It’s essentially baseball rules with a few tweaks here and there. Click here to view our comprehensive rulebook & guidelines.

Some of our events are free, others are not. Please refer to each event for more details, but as a general rule: Scrimmages are FREE, and Tournaments range between $10-30 a player. League/Season fees TBD.

We play with a maximum of 4 players fielding at a time; 1 pitcher & 3 fielders, however, a team can consist of up to 6 players. All players must bat, they just can’t all field at the same time (maximum of 4 fielders).

We provide bats and balls for everyone to use. We also sell, so if you’re interested, reach out to Otis directly for more information.

For official events, such as tournaments & home run derbies, we generally require a minimum of 14 years old. For open scrimmages/pick-up games, all ages are welcome. Either way, always check the details of each event, as there may be different age restrictions per event.

At our very own field in North Ocala, FL (Equestrian Springs)

As often as people would like! If we could have open scrimmages every week, we’d do it! Spread the word! And if you haven’t already, join our Facebook group chat to stay in the loop.

For two reasons: the first being that we are an official partner of the Wiffle® company, and one of their major rules is that we keep things family-friendly; profanity of any kind is strictly prohibited.

Secondly, we are a Christian-based organization! You don’t have to be a Christian to participate in our events, but you are required to respect our beliefs.